Pinecone Inc. Logo | Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertop, Stairs Showroom, Design, and Installation | Pinecone Inc. | Mount Vernon, WA
Pinecone Inc. Logo | Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertop, Stairs Showroom, Design, and Installation | Pinecone Inc. | Mount Vernon, WA

Pinecone Inc. Dares to be Different

Progressive. Connected. Intentional.

 Armed with a depth of technical skill, passion for design and sustainability, and a fundamental desire to serve others, Pinecone Inc. functions from a foundation that honors hard work ethic, reliability, and honesty.

It is our dare to be different that, indeed, makes Pinecone Inc. different.

About Us

Stripped to our core, Pinecone Inc. remains true to its humble beginnings as students of design, driven by quality, hard-work ethic, and beauty. Today, we boast a beautiful showroom in a classic historic neighborhood while holding true to who we are. We are visionaries who dream big and crave innovation; we are artisans who seek out individuality; and we are magicians who want nothing more than to make dreams come true.

We are Pinecone Inc., the newest showroom of its kind in the Pacific Northwest region. If our thousands of design products and materials aren’t enough reason to stop by on their own merit, then our conversation is. Rumor has it that we are pretty fun to talk to as well!
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Our Philosophy

Operating from a philosophy that fully appreciates and understands the distinctive needs of our clientele, we celebrate the harmony between humans and their natural surroundings while remaining true to the crux of design standards and traditions. 

In all of our endeavors, we utilize a knowledgeable, service-oriented, and inspired approach, guiding clients throughout the design process and ensuring your unique lifestyles and aesthetic desires are not only heard, but met.
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Rich Callison

Co-Founder | Principal Artisan
One could say that Pinecone Inc. is a culmination of Rich Callison’s lifelong professional pursuit of quality design and craftsmanship, excellence in customer experiences, and continued overall growth. He comes from a family that boasts three generations of designers; his father being the first to put a tool in his hand and teach him about the importance of value, both personally and professionally. Now, with nearly 25 years of experience and knowledge under his belt, he is seeing his dreams come to fruition with the opening of Pinecone Inc.

In the capacity of Principal Artisan, Rich’s primary responsibilities include providing project estimates, sourcing all products, overseeing project management, sales, and logistics. With a visionary’s mind and youthful enthusiasm for new and fun ideas, Rich has made a hobby out of sourcing innovative and distinctive products and materials that he can introduce to his clients and into his residential and commercial design projects.

Early in his career, Rich opened and managed a new distribution center located in Europe, whereby he was responsible for supply deliveries throughout Europe and the U.S. He followed this vast experience by establishing Callison Hardwood Floors where he spent 20 years honing his industry expertise, expanding his network, and understanding the various nuances of business ownership.

It was during his time in Europe that Rich was awakened to the concept of eco-friendly products and construction. Since then, working with products that minimize his footprint while still offering aesthetic beauty and high quality has been a priority.

In his free-time, Rich enjoys the great outdoors, especially camping and mountain biking. He has three children: son, Ashton; daughter, Hannah; and son, Cole.

His life motto follows that of “An Unreasonable Man” by George Bernard Shaw which states, “the reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”

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Viktoria Hollosi

showroom coordinator

When you walk into the beautiful 1,100 square-foot Pinecone Inc. showroom in historic downtown Mount Vernon, you will be met with the knowledge and friendliness of Showroom Coordinator, Viktoria Hollosi. Bringing with her nearly a decade of professional experience, primarily in the hospitality industry, she has a keen understanding of customer service, presentation, and attention to detail. In the capacity of Showroom Coordinator, Viktoria’s primary responsibilities are to set and fulfill appointments, coordinate project schedules for both clients and subcontractors, build and sustain customer relationships, and greet all visitors to the Pinecone showroom.

“Creating a space, both emotionally and physically, that is inviting and allows guests to feel welcome is my specialty,” adds Viktoria. “I’m excited to go from being a more back-of-house hospitality manager to an impactful and visible element of Pinecone’s guest experience.”

Viktoria holds a BSc in Commerce and Marketing.

In her free-time, you can often find Viktoria riding her bike; spending quality time with her son, Beni; reading a good book; or recording videos for her own YouTube Channel.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with a Pinecone designer or simply want to come by the showroom to learn more about our vast collection of design materials, please contact Viktoria directly at viki@pineconeinc.com or 360.255.7690.

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Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertop, and Stair Showroom, Design and Installation | Pinecone Inc. | Mount Vernon, WA

Showroom Hours

Mount Vernon Showroom

609 South 1st Street
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Issaquah Showroom coming soon!

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